Tesla’s Battery Power-Up

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 12.30.01 PM.png

A democracy is based on information being available, shared and acted upon, yet there is a massive amount of misinformation about clean energy, and therefore a great need for independent voices and analysts to inform more people of the actual facts.” In an article from Clean Technica, Zachary Shahan discusses the importance of communicating about advancements in renewable energy technology-“communicating the renewable energy revolution.” As technology advances and alternative energy sources become more affordable, communicating about these changes are vital to creating a more energy-efficient society in the future.

Businesses are at the core of this energy industrial revolution. Not only do they have to minimize their negative impact, but they also need to maximize their positive impact.  In addition to communicating messages about sustainability within their company and to the public, business’ up-and-coming products need to be able to reduce their carbon footprint. This means creating products that are net energy positive and that are being produced in factories powered by a renewable energy source. And companies, like Tesla, are already showing society how quickly we can make renewable energy advancements.

This last week, Tesla, a company known for its innovative technology strategies, installed 396 stacks of Tesla batteries off the highway in Southern California.  Their purpose is to store energy from the grid during the day, and then feed it back into the system as needed, typically during the evenings when the electrical demand is high.

Tesla’s response to finding a solution for possible energy shortages indicates how quickly businesses are stepping up to the plate. Tesla has been able to transform itself  from “a maker of luxury electric cars into a multifaceted clean-energy company” in just a matter of weeks.

Tesla’s open innovation strategy  shows that corporations need to contribute to an industry-wide turnaround regarding sustainable business practices. Rather than cornering the market, Elon Musk, the face of Tesla, shared his patents and innovation as way to improve society as whole. Other companies, such as Toyota and Nike quickly followed suit, sharing patents for hydrogen fuel cells and Nike’s Material Sustainability Index. These business initiatives are important to reforming how society thinks about sustainable business practices. Communicating about innovative business solutions and progress is the only way to make open innovation a normal practice within all major companies and corporations. With Environmental Protection Agency on lockdown, businesses hold the key to fixing the environment.


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