About Me

I am a public relations major and an environmental science minor at the University of Oregon interested in the field of environmental communication.

As the social media manager of an on-campus environmental publication, I am well-versed with a variety of social media platforms and am able to efficiently articulate my views on controversial topics and convey important conservation messages. In addition to my strategic communication skills, I enjoy using visual tools, like photography and videography, to reinforce why it is important to protect the environment and display the beauty of of our planet.

My interest in hiking, camping, and backpacking fostered my drive to protect the environment and my role as a visual communicator reminds me why conserving our ecological resources needs to be a larger priority.

Communication about the ecological crisis happening in our world is pertinent to transforming the culture into a society with lasting ecological sustainability. While better policies, alternate energy sources, and other new technologies are necessary to change the environmental state of the world, the public must know about them for these changes to be implemented.